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240 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010-2436
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
or by appointment
closed on holidays

tel: 212-686-9397     

The one and only Andy Warhol hologram portrait by Jason Sapan
at Holographic Studios in New York.  Holography gallery inside. Hologram 
subterranean lab.

We gave
Andy Warhol
his 15 minutes of
holography fame
over thirty years ago!

Andy Warhol sat only once ever for his portrait hologram by Jason Sapan in 1977.

Holographic Studios is New York City's foremost holography galley and laser laboratory. Located for over thirty years on the East Side of Midtown Manhattan in a former blacksmith's forge, Holographic Studios holds the distinction of being the world's oldest gallery of holography. Founded by one of the original holography pioneers, Jason Sapan, Holographic Studios is a leader in the field of display holography. We offer a very wide array of commercial and artistic holography services.

Holographer Jason Sapan in his New York hologram studios. Hologram.  Holography.

Jason Sapan
founder and president
of Holographic Studios.

About Jason Sapan:
For over forty years, beginning with an internship in 1968, Jason Sapan has held a prominent place in the field of holography. He has custom made holograms for corporations, celebrities, museums, institutions, and individuals. Since 1975 he has taught classes in holography. Mr. Sapan is one of the pioneers of motion image integral holography. He was the consultant who helped design the hologram of the future in the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky.

Jason Sapan is the only holographer to have personally shot and produced in his own laser lab a hologram of a living President of the US.

His laser lighting has been used in legendary night clubs like the original Studio 54, as the opening logo for the CBS Sports Spectacular on television, in print advertising for Macys and Revlon, in live laser light shows including one live Broadway play, on network television series (The Equalizer), as art for book, magazine, comic book, and yearbook covers, and in major music videos including a starring role in one by the group Flock of Seaguls called It's Not Me Talking based on the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. (In this video, Jason Sapan became the first person to ever receive an on air credit in a music video on MTV.)

Previously, Mr. Sapan worked as an assistant recording engineer at the famed Record Plant Studios, NY where he worked with John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Ray Charles, Dizzy Gilespie, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Philharmonic, and many others.

Additionaly, he has also worked as an associate with three major accoutical engineering firms (Kenward S. Oliphant Associates, ACI, and Frank Hubach Associates) assessing vibrations for the semiconductor industry in their computer chip manufacturing plants.

For several years before that, he ran Sapan Engineering, building electronic and photonic science exhibits and security systems.

Jason Sapan is available for speaking engagements, lectures, and demonstrations.

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